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Week In Review: MyColorscreen 2.0

Last week, we’ve finally launched the new version of MyColorscreen. We would like to thank everyone for sending us all the great feedback. It’s been a hell of a week.

Because of all the word of mouth from everyone, MyColorscreen was able to hit the front page of many tech blogs.

Here are some summaries of what they’ve said about our beloved community:


“What really gets me about MyColorscreen is that a vast majority of designs are totally stunning, with styles ranging from the sleek and minimalist to the highly textual to the truly off-the-wall. I actually had stop writing this post twice because I had stumbled across a look I wanted to try immediately. Beware, avid tweaker — you may end up spending way more time there than you have.” - Chris Velazco

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The Verge

It’s a site better seen and explored than described, so head on over to MyColorscreen and see some of the breathtaking works of smartphone art for yourself.” – Bryan Bishop

“Screenshot Porn” – low_level_ninja

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Today, they launched version 2.0 of the site, turning into one of the most beautiful web properties you will visit. The homescreen and device page backgrounds pull from your theme, the app-adding engines work better than ever, and you can take it all to the social-sphere with new sharing tools.” – Kellex

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No matter how many sleepless night we had trying to ship this new version out, we can say that it’s worth every minute. Thank you all for the support and we promise there will be many great things to come!

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