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Experience MyColorscreen Anywhere

Just over a month ago we announced the new MyColorscreen, a total redesign that changed the experience of consuming homescreen inspiration forever.

Today, let me introduce to you a tool that allows you to consume even more homescreen inspiration anywhere on the web called…

MyColorscreen Interactive Widget

You can now embed your homescreen on any websites that support basic HTML (IFRAME). All the interactions from MyColorscreen are also available on this widget such as multi-screens slider, tagged applications etc.
Here’s the steps:
  1. Visit one of the homescreen on  MyColorscreen (Example)
  2. Click Share on the left hand side options.
  3. Notice “NEW Interactive Widget!”? Copy the iframe code below that and paste it on your website/blog.

We believe that this will create a new dimension of interaction for publishers, webmasters, and users allowing everyone to download apps right on the screenshot from any corner of the Internet.

We hope that this additional widget will allow you to discover new apps even more.

Thanks again for your support and contribution to this community. We will keep on pushing new features to enhance your experience even further.

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