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Peronify Tutorial

This is a city-inspired minimal homescreen that features a simple red tab on the life side that grants you access to your most important notifications and to your app tray.

Part 1: Applying Apex Launcher Settings

Get Apex Launcher Pro to start, and apply this wallpaper.

Here are the settings for Apex Launcher Pro:

  1. Portrait Grid: 9×7
  2. Horizontal and Vertical margin: None
  3. Manage screens: 1 screen
  4. Hide notifications bar and dock bar
  5. Advanced settings – Overlapping widgets selected

Part 2: Adding the UCCW Widget and Desktop VisualizeR

Download UCCW.

  1. Add UCCW widget; 1X4 size works well
  2. Create new, if you want to create your own, or check out these premade widgets
  3. To add them simply paste them onto your phone and then find them when choosing open uzip on UCCW’s main screen
  4. Download the Google icons (click download action bar pack).

Part 3: Adding the WidgetLocker

Link for WL:…

- Increase the Background Tint so it’s not so dark, and hide notification bar
- Remove all widgets, then add the UCCW LS skin, or your own
- Add Custom Slider, take off clock

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