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Pure Tutorial

This super-minimal two-screen homescreen has a metal gray background with nob-like elements that tell you time, weather, and battery level while presenting you with several shortcuts for your favorite apps.

Part 1: Applying Apex Launcher Settings

You’re going to need Launcher Pro as the base launcher.

Here’s how you should set up the launcher:

  1. Set ‘portrait grid’ to 9×7
  2. Manage screens should be changed so that there are only 2 screens,
  3. ‘Wallpaper mode’ should be single screen and ‘Hide notification bar’ should be ticked.
  4. Change your Dock Settings by scrolling down and selecting ‘Hide Dock’.
  5. Go into advanced settings, and select ‘Overlapping Widgets’.
  6. Change your wallpaper to the one provided in the link at the bottom

Part 2: Adding in the UCCW and Homescreen indicators

Simply add the UCCW widgets that are provided in the link at the top. This can be done by copying them onto your phone then selecting them when you choose “Open uzip” on the UCCW menu.

The homescreen indicators can be added using Desktop Visualizer, by first selecting any size DV widget. Tapping the widget will bring up the menu, whereby you can select the homescreen indicators provided in the top link as well as selecting the chosen action as ‘None’.

Alternatively you can apply the Apex Actions (holding down on the homescreen) and selctecting Screen 1 and Screen 2. After changing the icon, you can simply tap these to jump to the next screen, mad!

Part 3: The bottom icons

There are a number of ways of doing this, so I’ll provide two:

  1. Firstly, for the app drawer, simply holding down the screen to add the apex menu shortcut “app drawer” and then choosing a blank image will sort out this part.
  2. For the gmail and phone icons, I used Minimalist Text, and just applied the “Static Text” option in a custom layout. I added in a premade MT preference just to help you out a bit, just paste in the minimalist text preferences folder. Font used is Wendy LP

Helpful links:

Pure on MyColorScreen
Wallpaper, UCCW widgets, indicator
Wendy LP font

Minimalist text preferences

Blank image

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