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GRIDS by Alex T.

The latest update by Android has brought us many great things. One of them is that sleek and refined “Quick Menu”. This homescreen, inspired by this menu, creates a sense of elegence with its bold tiles (either colourful or a dark grey) as well as minimal top and bottom bars displaying the time and date. This is polished off with a carbon black background, enhancing it’s bold characteristics.

Part 1: Before you begin

There are few things that you need before you start customizing your screen. These are:

  1. The tiles you see in the screen are available from the Google Play Store. They come in both a free as well as paid version (see the link below). The paid version comes with many more tiles to choose from.
  2. See the link at the bottom of this post for a zip file that you need to download, extract it, then copy it to your phone. It includes the wallpaper (by Black Bear Banc), Softkeys (if you’d like to change them if you are using a custom ROM), as well as the UCCW skins that aren’t provided by the installation from the Google Play Store.
  3. This is optional, and only for custom ROM users. It’s a phone theme called Frost and helps to complete that modern look.
  4. A blank.png image file located at the bottom of this post, which is needed to create a transparent icon.

Part 2: Applying Nova Launcher Settings

You’re going to need Nova Launcher Prime as the base launcher, but the free version of Nova Launcher should also get you there, but some features such as “Scroll Effect” might not have all the items.

Here’s how you should set up the launcher, start off by selecting your Menu button then Nova Settings on your homescreen:

  • Set ‘Desktop Grid’ to 10×9 (or try others if this doesn’t suit you.
  • “Show Shadows” should be disabled.
  • “Home Screens” should be changed so that there are 2 screens.
  • “Scroll Effect” may be changed to any preference, the one seen in the video is Accordion.
  • ‘Wallpaper Scrolling’ should be off.
  • “Resize all widgets” and “Widget Overlap” should all be enabled.
  • Enable your dock in “Dock Settings”, also enable “Dock as Overlay”, also 1 page with 7 icons.

Finally change your wallpaper to the one provided by holding down on your homescreen, select “Wallpapers”, select your preferred imaging app (QuickPic is used here) then move the crop handles below the Nexus label if you don’t want that in your background.

Part 3: Adding UCCW Widgets

UCCW is needed for both of these.

To add the Tiles:

  1. Start by placing an app drawer icon on the homescreen. This is achieved by holding down on the homescreen, selecting Nova Actions then “App Drawer”. Make the icon transparent by holding down on it – Edit – Tap the image – Locate your blank.png. This helps by giving you access to your apps in case you didn’t have a way.
  2. Open your Play Store and download either the free or donate versions of the “UCCW Theme Grids” if you haven’t done so already.
  3. To place the tiles, hold down on the homescreen, select “Widgets”, then UCCW (with a 3×1 size).
  4. Choose from the range of downloaded tiles, select one, and then resize it to a 3×2 size once it’s on the homescreen.
  5. To change a tiles color or it’s app to open, simply tap the tile to open it’s editing options.

*Note that the User tile and the Mail tile are not included in the pack but are included in the zip file due to editing reasons.

To add the top and bottom bars:

  1. Start out the same way as the tiles, except choose a 5×1 size.
  2. Now select “Open uzip” and find where you have copied the files onto your phone.
  3. Resize them, but becareful with the bottom bar, start by placing it in the middle of your screen, stretch it fully across, then drag it to the bottom. If you get select it, disable the dock and try again.

Finally open up the skins that you would like to open apps, change it’s hotspot to your preffered app or action (such as dailer). Then on your last edit, select Menu – Hotspots Mode – On. For more infomation on Hotspots see the link below.

Part 4: Adding in the Screen “Jumpers”

As seen in the video, the screen can easily be switched from side to side by using simple Nova Actions. First make sure there is a 1×1 space in the top right corner of the screen, hold down on the homescreen, select Nova Actions – Jump to Page. Place these on both screens and change the icons to that blank.png just like the app drawer.

Part 5: Extra Widgets

Other widgets used were Google Play Music and Minimal Reader Pro. Minimal Reader’s settings were changed so that all the backgrounds were transparent, title text was set to white while the other text was grey. Hide the buttons and counters, then resize it over the Play Music widget, followed by sending it to the back.

Helpful links:

GRIDS on MyColorScreen
Dark GRIDS on MyColorScreen
UCCW Theme Grids FREE
UCCW Theme Grids Donate
Blank.png (transparent icon)
Wallpaper, UCCW skins and SoftKeys

  • Bess

    You are doing an incredible job buddy. Regards from Hotel Charles de Gaulle. Keep together with the great do the job.

  • Iead_alsaidy

    can someone upload the uccw skin and give me the link it will be awesome

    • Marco Agas

      See the links at the bottom of the post, for the tiles you will need to download them from the Play Store. The bottom link provides you with the top and bottom bar UCCW skins.

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