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Holo Cards Tutorial

5 screens, all with their own unique setups and beautiful widgets, combine to bring you a homescreen that’s both functional yet minimal. Each page (info, play, home, news & apps) displays its info on a white card that’s placed on a grey background.

Part 1: Before you begin

Once you have downloaded and installed all the apps below, here is what you need to do with certain files:

1. Place .mtpref files from in the MinimalisticTextPreferences folder in your sdcard directory.
2. Place ‘home—1358621776.xml’ from to the Simple Text/styles folder in your sdcard directory.
3. Place the 2 Roboto fonts from into a folder that you use for fonts (might have to be a sub-directory)
4. Place both Image folders (you must extract them) onto your phone, as you will be needing them for wallpapers, etc.

Part 2: Applying Nova Launcher Settings

You’re going to need Nova Launcher Prime as your base launcher, but Apex Launcher Pro or Holo Launcher can also be used as the setups are virtually identical.

Here’s how you should set up the launcher, start off by selecting your Menu button then Nova Settings on your homescreen:


  • Desktop Grid: 12×7
  • Width Margin: Small
  • Height Margin: None
  • Disable: Shadows, Label Icons
  • Homesceens: 5
  • Scroll Effect: In and Out (or your choice)
  • Wallpaper Scrolling: On/Off depending on which Wallpaper method you use, see below for more details)
  • Advanced: Enable: Widget Overlap, Overlap when placing


  • Enable Dock: Enabled
  • Dock Pages: 1
  • Dock Icons: 5
  • Width Margin: Medium
  • Advanced: Dock as Overlay: Enabled

Look and Feel

Icon Theme: Minimal MIUI Go Apex Theme (preffered)
Show notification bar: Disabled

Gestures and Buttons

  • Home Button: Show app drawer (comes in handy)
  • You may use gestures to show/toggle the notification bar or app drawer.

Part 3: Wallpaper

Method 1: Using Desktop VisualizeR (Good for a rooted Nexus 4)

1. Make sure Wallpaper Scrolling is OFF.
2. Apply the grey background included in the images folder, selecting the “Crop” icon and then “Portrait” when applying the wallpaper.
3. Create a Desktop VisualizeR widget (any size), make it take up the whole screen, select it, change the icon to the 1 of the 5 ‘cards’ provided in the images folder, depending on what screen you’re on.
4. Do this for all 5 screens.

Method 2: Using MultiPicture Live Wallpaper (if method 1 doesn’t work)

1. Make sure Wallpaper Scrolling is ON.
2. Hold down on the homescreen – Wallpaper – Live Wallpaper – MultiPic Live Wallpaper.
3. Add 5 individual screens.
4. For screen 1 settings – Picture Source – Single – Select the first ‘card’ in the Images (720×1280) folder.
5. Change Crop/Resize Ratio to “Show Entire Picture”.
6. Repeat for all 5 screens, changing the card number depending on the screen.

Part 4: Dock Settings

1. Hold down on the homescreen – Nova Actions – Jump to Page – 1.
2. Place it at the start of the dock.
3. Repeat for all 5 pages.
4. Hold down on the first one – Edit – tap the image – Icon Pack – Simple Text.
5. Select the icon displaying ‘home’, rename the text to ‘info’, then menu – Save Icon.
6. Repeat for each icon (info, play, home, news, apps)

Part 5: Minimalistic Text

1. Hold down on the homescreen – Widgets – Minimalistic Text – 5×1 size for all of them.
2. Select “Restore”, select the preference you wish to restore, select “Yes, do it!”.
3. Select Global Settings – Fonts folder – use the folder you placed your Roboto font.
4. Go back, Text Style – Select the font that looks modified – Font Family – Roboto light/thin depending on which text it is.
5. Repeat for all the text shown.

Part 6: Other


To add icons, hold down on the homescreen – Apps – Select Multiple – Add desired apps. If you installed the Minimal MIUI theme you won’t have to change their looks.

Power Toggles

  • Transparency: 0
  • Delete the number of toggles so that there are only 5.
  • Button Colors: Change the first circle to a grey color.
  • Options – Export Settings (makes setting up new Power Toggles easier, Menu – Import Settings)

Circle Battery Widget

  • Select a 4×4 size
  • Circle: Show Full Circle, Decrease the diameter till desired.
  • Text: Decrease the size accordingly.
  •  Colors: Change to orange if you prefer.

Eye in Sky

  • Method 1 
    • Add the Eye in Sky Cities widget.
    • Icons used: Symbolicons
    • Text Color: Black
    • Take of “Show Edit Dots” and “Show Refresh” if desired.
  • Method 2 – If your location doesn’t fit in correctly
    • Add the Eye in Sky “Icon”, “Temperature” & “Forecast” widgets.
    • Icons used: Symbolicons
    • Text Color: Black
    • Take of “Show Edit Dots” and “Show Refresh” if desired.
    • Add a 2×2 Minimalistic Text widget – Custom Layout – Layer 1: Location – Location 2: Weather Condition
    • Change fonts if desired.

Simple RSS Widget

  • Select “add RSS feed”, selecting your preffered feed.
  • Deselect “Widget Title”
  • News Title: Select “Bold”, Increase size to around 18
  • News Text: Increase size to around 10.
  • Deselect “Background”
  • Deselect “Show Icons” if desired.

Helpful links

Holo Cards page on MyColorScreen
Minimalistic Text Preferences
Images (720×1280, thanks to gorle)

Necessary Apps

Nova Launcher Prime
Desktop VisualizeR
Minimal MIUI GO Apex Theme
Minimalistic Text
Power Toggles
Simple Text Icon Creator
Eye in Sky
Simple RSS Widget
Circle Battery Widget
ES File Explorer File Manager (or similar)

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