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Relief Tutorial

This bold 2-page homescreen, with it’s dark carbon background and unique widget setup,  really makes a statement among the customization community. It has 6 widget areas (Time, Weather, Agenda, Stats, News & Football), that add functionality to this elegantly designed screen.

Part 1: Before you begin

Download the files at the bottom of this post, as well as installing the necessary apps.

Part 2: Nova Settings

In the main menu, hold down the volume button on your phone to enable the Labs menu. Go into the Labs menu and enable “Big Grid Size Option”.


  • Desktop Grid: 8×12 (varies from phone to phone)
  • No Margins
  • Disable: Show Shadows, Label Icons
  • Home Screens: 2
  • Scroll Effect: Cube
  • Wallpaper Scrolling: OFF
  • Enable: Resize all widgets, Widget Overlap, Overlap when placing (not necessary but helps a lot)


  • Enable Dock
  • Dock Icons: 6
  • Enable Dock as Overlay

Part 3: Wallpaper

Set your wallpaper using any gallery app, as long as it shows top to bottom.

Part 4: UCCW Widgets

To add the skins:

1. Hold down on the homescreen – Widget – UCCW – any size.
2. In the main menu after tapping the widget, select “Open uzip”, now just find where you pasted the folder and look for the skin you want to add.
3. After it appears on your homesreen, resize it to the way it looks in the video.
4. Do this for each of the skins that are found in the folder.
5. You can rename the text by selecting ‘Static Text 1′ in Select Object in the editor.
6. Finally tap any UCCW skin, Menu – Hotspots Mode – On.

Part 5: Eye in Sky

1.Select the Forecast option.
2. Climacons Dark (Icons)
3. Grey text.
4. Disable Show Refresh & Edit dots if desired.

Part 6: Simple Calendar Widget

Choose any size for this widget, as once placed you need to stretch it across fully in order to select to edit button which is on the far right.


  • Select Simi Clock (Multiple…) then select options.
  • Alternative Layouts: select the one with “Event Date” only on top, Time and Text underneath.
  • Line Color: Transparent
  • Day Text Width: 0


  • Background Color – Transparent
  • Font options: Make the Date and Day grey, time and text must be white.

Part 7: Zooper

1. Choose a 2×2, can resize later
2. Layout – Select the “+” – Text Y Offset (-20) – Edit Text Manually.
3. Type “Battery: ” then select #BLEFT#
4. Select the tick, Change the Text Font Family to Gotham Light
5. Repeat for Memory, but change Y Offset to 20 & text to “MEMORY: #SFMEM#”

Part 8: Other Widgets

  • Feedly – Add the 4×2 size
  • Football Sheet – Add the 4×2 size
  • Super Status Bar- Enable, General – iLlusory Background enabled, elements – Change Time to transparent and Battery to show Text only, Advanced – Custom Layout – Centered Clock.

Helpful Links

Relief page on MyColorScreen
UCCW Tutorials

Files that must be downloaded and placed onto your phone
UCCW Skins
App Drawer Icon (Google Action Bar Icon Pack)
Gotham Light Font for Zooper

Necessary Apps
Eye in Sky
Simple Calendar Widget
Zooper Widget
Football Sheet
Nova Launcher Prime (free also works)
Super Status Bar


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