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Top 5 Widgets – January 2013

These aren’t just the top rated widgets, but these widgets are for those Android users who want to create a homescreen that’s beautiful, unique and functional.

Seeing as MyColorScreen is all about discovering beautiful homescreens and helping you create and share your own, we thought you might need some help with choosing the widgets to do the job. These widgets have been chosen according to 3 criteria. First is its ability to be customized, as this allows for more freedom when creating your own personal homescreen. Next is its functionality, as many people want the widget to be used for a certain function, not just for looks. Which leads us to the last point, its design and how it looks on your homescreen. The widgets below all succeed in meeting these objectives, let’s begin with number 5.

5. Simple Calendar Widget

unnamed (5)

Coming in at number 5, this calendar widget certainly no pushover. Sporting an almost infinite number of widget configurations, if you are looking for a widget displaying anything from just the day of the month to a full-page agenda widget, you’ve found the right app. Probably the feature that stands out the most from this widget is its range of customization. It enables you to set up different layout styles, different sizes & colors of text, as well as the ability to save these settings in case you want them back later. It’s perfect if you want to go for a minimal/uncluttered look, but still have vital information about your next meeting or someones birthday.

4. Eye in Sky


For those who like to stay on top of your weather, Eye in Sky is for you at number 4. Not only is beautiful to look at, with its array of icons to choose from and colors of text, but it’s also very functional. This app doesn’t just give you a widget, but a fully functioning weather app behind it as well. What also sets it apart from other weather widgets is its ease of applying an awesome looking forecast for your homescreen. Eye in Sky also gives you a few options to choose from when applying the widget, ranging from a simple 1×1 icon to a full city forecast for the week. The icons it provides are also breathtaking, and there will definitely be an icon set to suit every Android owner.

3. Minimal Reader Pro

unnamed (1)

There are many RSS reader widgets out there, but not many that work as well as Minimal Reader in at number 3. Once you have set up your various feeds, you get access to a full range of customization features. Images can be shown or taken off, text size and color for the news title, the news description, date, etc. can also be changed. With it’s clean and minimal design,  this widget is perfect if you don’t an untidy RSS reader on your homescreen. In the Pro version, you are allowed to have a scrollable widget, which is great if you’d like to read a few stories quickly and without the hassle of opening up an app. It also provides great functionality in terms of how often the widget updates, downloads images and different types of filters too.

2. Desktop VisualizeR

unnamed (2)

Not many unique Android homescreens can be created without this widget. DVR in at number 2 provides a quick and easy way of adding an icon onto your homescreen, and then have the ability to resize it. Now this might not sound like such a big deal, but its importance becomes apparent when for example you want to have different sizes of icons on your screen. This widget really shines when you want a large part of your screen to open an app, it saves you the time (and awkward looks) of placing multiple icons on that area. The app allows you to use any image as an icon (yes that’s correct, even another wallpaper) and use it to open a whole range of applications and shortcuts. DVR ends off by adding extra customization such as haptic feedback and an assortment of colored touch effects when an icon is tapped.

1. UCCW (Ultimate Custom Widget)

unnamed (6)

In first place of the top widgets of January 2013, we have UCCW. This app was chosen as it meets all the criteria with ease. In terms of the way this widget looks, well that is all up to the user. Whether you out of inspiration, and use one of many skins found on the Play Store (or in the links below), or want the widget to have a complete unique feel, this widget can do both. That’s where it customization ability steps in, as the amount of variety you can add to this widget are endless. Ranging from adding important information such as email, text messages & missed call notifications, to adding shapes & images, all while having the ability to completely change that objects looks. What really makes this widget stand is its ability to add hotspots to your skin. Hotspots are basically areas on the skin (of any size), that when tapped can open up any app and also some shortcuts.

UCCW is perfect for any and every Android user, from the power user who wants multiple skins, each with their own use and look, to the user who merely wants a minimal screen, with a few tiny notifications. That is why it gets our top spot for the Top 5 widgets of January 2013.

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