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Equalizer Tutorial

This colorful and unique creation is a real fresh and clean Android homescreen. It has a creative analog clock, battery indicator circle, as well as gorgeous icons at the bottom.

Part 1: Before you begin

These are the apps you will need:
Nova Launcher (free or paid)
MultiPicture Live Wallpaper

Pushy Icons (by sammy cakes)

The files that you must copy to your phone:
Wallpaper & UCCW Skins

Part 2: Nova Settings

Desktop Grid: 10×10 (or whatever suits you best)
Width Margin: None
Height Margin: None
Disable: Shadows, Label Icons
Homesceens: 1
Advanced: Enable: Widget Overlap, Overlap when placing

Enable Dock: Enabled
Dock Pages: 1
Dock Icons: 6 or 7
Width Margin: None
Advanced: Dock as Overlay: Enabled

Look and Feel
Show notification bar: Disabled

Gestures and Buttons
Apply any if needed.

Part 3: Wallpaper Setup

  • For phones that don’t have softkeys at the bottom:

Hold down on your homescreen – Wallpapers – Gallery – Find the Wallpaper and select it.

  • For phones that have softkeys (e.g. Nexus 4):

1. Hold down on the homescreen – Wallpaper – Live Wallpaper – MultiPic Live Wallpaper.
2. For common settings – Picture Source – Single – Select the wallpaper
3. Change Crop/Resize Ratio to “Show Entire Picture”, or “Fit to fullscreen”, whichever works best for your phone.
4. Disable shadows.
5. Go Back – Set Wallpaper.

Part 4: UCCW

To add the skins:

  • Hold down on the homescreen – New Widget – UCCW – 2×2.
  • In the main menu after tapping the widget, select “Open uzip”, now just find where you pasted the folder and look for the skin you want to add.
  • After it appears on your homesreen, resize it to the way it looks in the video.
  • Add the .uzips provided.
  • Hold down on the skin, then tap the skin, this will allow for complete resizing and moving of the skin.
  • You might have to re-position the skin’s objects, see the link below for more info on moving objects as well as general UCCW tips.

Turn Hotspots mode ON to prevent opening the editor each time.

Part 5: Icon Setup

  • To add the app drawer icon – Hold down on the homescreen – Nova Action – App drawer.
  • To add any app icon – Simply open up the app drawer – Drag the app onto the screen.
  • To make the icon transparent – Hold down on the icon – Edit – Select the image – Select Picture – Change it to a blank.png.
  • Desktop VisualizeR: To create a desktop visualizer widget hold down on the homescreen – desktop visualizer – any size – place it over the gallery picture and resize. Tap the widget – select icon – blank.png, select action – gallery. Take off touch effect if desired then press ok.

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