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Rounded Tiles Tutorial

This extremely functional screen truly gives a unique and organised view, with all the shortcuts you could possibly need. The author also gives you a choice of a few colors for the background, adding a great customization factor. This screen also comes with your frequent contact, calendar and weather.

Part 1: Before you begin

These are the apps you will need:
Desktop Visualizer (not necessary)
Simple Calendar Widget
Fancy Widget (Full version needed)

The files that you must copy to your phone:
Standard Wallpaper & UCCW Skins
Nexus 4 Wallpaper (non-rooted)
More wallpaper color variations

Part 2: Nova Settings

Desktop Grid: 12×8 (or whatever suits you best, as shown in the video)
Width Margin: None
Height Margin: None
Disable: Shadows, Label Icons
Homesceens: 1
Advanced: Enable: Widget Overlap

Enable Dock: Disabled

Look and Feel
Show notification bar: Disabled

Gestures and Buttons
Apply any if needed.

Part 3: Wallpaper Setup

  • For phones that don’t have softkeys at the bottom:

Hold down on your homescreen – Wallpapers – Gallery – Find the Wallpaper and select it.

  • For the Nexus 4 (non-rooted):

Hold down on your homescreen – Wallpapers – Gallery – Use the provided Nexus 4 Wallpaper and use it.

Part 4: UCCW

To add the skins:

  • Hold down on the homescreen – Widget – UCCW – any size.
  • In the main menu after tapping the widget, select “Open uzip”, now just find where you pasted the folder and look for the skin you want to add.
  • After it appears on your homesreen, resize it to the way it looks in the video.
  • You can now edit the hotspots (allows you to open apps when tapping a certain area) in this skin, by tapping the skin to open it.
  • Then select ‘Hotspots’ in ‘Select Object’, followed by editing your needed hotspots.
  • If you would like to know more about hotspots, see the link below.
  • Finally tap any UCCW skin, Menu – Hotspots Mode – On.

Remember: Turn Hotspots mode ON to prevent opening the editor each time.

Part 5: Calendar & Weather widget setup

  • Simple Calendar Widget: Main factors is removing the separator line and making the background transparent.
  • Fancy Widgets: Remember to add a 2×1 widget, as well as getting the pro version in order to get more weather icons.

Part 6: Icon Setup

  • To add the app drawer icon – Hold down on the homescreen – Nova Action – App drawer.
  • To add any app icon – Simply open up the app drawer – Drag the app onto the screen.
  • To make the icon transparent – Hold down on the icon – Edit – Select the image – Select Picture – Change it to a blank.png.
  • Desktop VisualizeR: To create a desktop visualizer widget hold down on the homescreen – desktop visualizer – any size – place it over the gallery picture and resize. Tap the widget- select icon – blank.png, select action – gallery. Take off touch effect if desired then press ok.

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