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Android Icon Packs of the Week (Week #2)

Welcome to the second episode of our best icon packs we found this week!


SmallWhites (Free)


If you haven’t heard of SmallWhites, chances are you haven’t made many minimal screens. The name gives it away, but there’s a lot more to these icons. Coming in with a slight shadow, these icons make any bare screen complete. For a free icon pack there still the essential icons (plus a few quite unique ones), and the creator Black Bear Blanc is always trying his best to roll out updated versions as well as a few varieties.

Updated Versions
SmallWhites Version 2
SmallWhites Version 3

Note: These don’t work like an icon pack, therefore changing an icon means the manual method (hold down on the icon – edit – tap the image – look for icon – done).

Nox (Paid)


It seems shadow icons are all the craze these days, but Nox by KovDev pull it off the best. This pack are all square-shaped, but it’s those shadows, those incredible shadows, that can have you staring at the icons for hours. The shadow effect gives the icons such an added impact, simply using the icons on your homescreen instantly improves the aesthetics your screen, no matter the wallpaper. Speaking of wallpapers, as it is a KovDev creation, you can expect a bunch of bundled wallpapers designed just for Nox.

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