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iOS7 ConceptPort Tutorial

With all the iOS7 concepts out there, this one is slightly differennt. Screen of the Day “iOS7 ConceptPort” by Peszek adds his own minimal look to a brilliant 3-page setup. Music, notifications and a popup apps folder are all that you need in this awesome homescreen.

Part 1: Before you begin

These are the apps you will need

The files that you must copy to your phone

Part 2: ssLauncher Settings

ssLauncher Setup

Now you can do this with either Nova/Apex or Holo Launcher, but it is a lot easier with ssLauncher. Only use Nova/Apex if the UCCW skins fit perfectly. Also this screen works the best for the paid version (The Original) as some parts and options can’t be chosen with the free version.

1. Drag all the widgets into the ‘trash bin’ at the top.
2. Go into Menu – Theme – Label.
3. Enable Hide Labels, Apply Changes.
4. Animation – Speed (100) – Type (Fading)
5. Now go into Preferences – Enable Full Screen.
6. Go back into the Menu – Either Edit the Hot! page to make it a cover page and rename it, or add a new page and call it both Notifications and Music as shown.

Part 3: Wallpaper Setup

1. Go back into ssLauncher settings -
2. Tap the image icon next to the Notifications page – Add an image – Add the wallpaper with multiple images on it – Select it.
3. Do this for both Home and Music.

Part 4: UCCW

1. Hold down on the homescreen – New Widget – UCCW – any size.
2. In the main menu after tapping the widget, select “uzip”, now just find where you pasted the folder and look for the conceptport_clock.uzip skin.
3. After it appears on your homesreen, resize it to the way it looks in the video.
4. Now add in all the other skins as shown.
5. For the middle PopUp Widget Skin – Hold down on the star image – New Shortcut.
6. Type – Others – Target – Popup Widget.
7. Create new Popup Widget – Select the Popup uzip that has been provided.
8. Resize it – Go Back – Select the newly created widget.
9. In the ssLauncher settings – Text Style – Font Color – Fully Transparent – Apply Changes.
10. Apply changes again – Now position it in the middle of the star – Tap it to bring up the hand and tap the hand to see if it works.
11. Edit all hotspots as shown then select Menu – Lock widgets On – In the UCCW editor settings.

Part 5: PowerAmp Music Player Setup

1. Hold down on the Music Page – New Widget – Poweramp – Large.
2. Background and Shadow transparency – Fully Transparent.
3. Change text color to the off-Red.
4. Button Type – None – Select Done.
5. Resize it so it looks good!

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